A Message from Jane to DC friends


Jane emulates Billy Eliot!


Hi to all my DC friends,
I am back in your area again on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd.
I’ll be at the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA.
(Last year I did my one-person show there.
Big thanks to everyone who came!!!
This year, it’s straight comedy. No sad stories, I promise.)
I’m co-headlining with Johnny Rizzo, the funniest guy in CT.
The one who took me aside the first night I got on stage
at Treehouse Comedy Club and said, “You’re pretty good kid.
Let me give you a little advice…Get out of this business
while you still can because it’s very addictive.”
He’s right! And we’re both still doing it.
Here’s the info:
It’s a fundraiser for NAMI-Northern Virginia.
NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness–a good cause!
The show is produced by my talented friend and Wellesley classmate
Kathy Tyler Conklin!
Hope to see you there.
Best always, Jane


Jane returns from a Harry Potter movie



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