Praise for the 2011 NAMI of NoVA Fundraiser at the State Theatre


Jeanne Comeau, Paula Butturini, Kathy Conklin & Jane Condon at last year’s NAMI NoVA Fundraiser at the State Theatre


Last year’s event was wonderful and had some great feedback from guests. Here are some of the comments:




(National Alliance on Mental Illness, Northern Virginia)

Produced by Kathleen Tyler Conklin (

Opening act, Author, Paula Butturini, (“Keeping The Feast”

Headliner, Jane Condon, (

Writer of “Janie Condon: Raw & Unchained”

Was great to see your gig and it really hit home in a very important way.

Thanks for sharing your empowering message.

                                                            –Nisha Nachiar Money (USAF Major)

Great show tonight for NAMI Northern VA.

You made me laugh and you made me cry.

                                                            –Sheila Stackpole Rabaut

It was a funny, laugh out loud show, and a moving, poignant show.

I admire your zest for life, your generosity of spirit, and your thoughtful

and intelligent approach to comedy and life.

                                                            –Ricki Helfer (former head of FDIC)

Fantastic performance last night at the NAMI fundraiser.

As always, you hit the mark—and this time—with SUCH balance

between life’s comedies and struggles.

Craig Ferguson sold out Carnegie Hall twice.

Look forward to seeing you there, too.

                                                            –Diane Carroad

Gee, I didn’t know what I was getting into!

You were absolutely spectacular—taking us from high to low to high

again with such wonderful wit and seamless delivery.

As they say, truly awesome.

                                                            –Anne Neal

Spectacular! You were unforgettable in a brilliant piece with so many layers

I cannot keep count. But I was mesmerized, moved, entertained,

taken back, taken forward and taken within.

Thank you for doing this for NAMI.

                                                            –Ellen Gill Miller,

                                                               Stonebridge Associates

It was a sensational event, and you were magnificent.

                                                            –Nell Minow

You were great.

                                                            –Deborah Tannen

Not only very funny but terribly moving.

                                                            –Susan Kinsley

Amazed at your 80 minute brilliant, touching, and hilarious performance.

Now that’s endurance! It doesn’t get any better!! One of the things I loved most about your show is how you quietly and repeatedly honored marriage and

your husband Ken.  It was beautiful. Few people in the entertainment industry do that or even care about it. It was a powerful theme as a backdrop to your humor.

                                                            –Carlie Dixon

Jane, you are wonderful. I saw your Raw and Unchained performance

for NAMI NOVA this week—one of my best evenings in years. I am a

1964 Wellesley graduate and the lady who told you about McLean

at the end of your performance. My friend told me that you reminded her

of herself. I, for different reasons, felt the same way.

I think that connection is the basis of comedic genius.

Again, thank you for not only a funny evening, but a poignant evening.

You are the best and you really connect.

                                                            –Wendy Dawson

It was a pleasure seeing you in action. I admired the craft and flow of your

writing and your heart-wrenching honesty.

                                                            –Sam Horn

I must say I was deeply moved by your performance.

(I didn’t want to be in the pictures ‘cause I thought the tracks of my tears

would show.) And I laughed very much. That’s really hard to accomplish,

but you did it. Go girl!

                                                            –Angela Lancaster

Kathy, Janie, Paula,

Thank you again for all you did to make this night the success it was.

Your stories, Janie and Paula, are so incredibly touching, and so brilliantly told I am thankful for the evening, not only for NAMI’s sake but my own.

Your stories are important for the world to hear.

And you tell them in ways that connect.

Thank you, Kathy, for bringing Janie and Paula

to all of us in Northern Virginia!

Jeanne Comeau (

Executive Director, NAMI NOVA

(National Alliance on Mental Illness, Northern Virginia)

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Aloha Kathy,

BRAVO!!! What a fabulous evening; the setting performers, food, drinks, and services were first class. I had a wonderful time…NAMI is a much needed and worthwhile program, and kudos to you for supporting this organization.

No doubt the benefits gained from producing last night’s event will impact our generation, and generations to come.

                                                            –Judith Sorenson


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